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: Barony + Cursed Edition

3D RPG, , ...


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added Steamworks lobbies & matchmaking added basic language features: all game strings exported to text files in lang folder fixed Baphomet invisibility exploit fixed monsters hit with confusion potions not forgetting their target fixed Baphomet being super vulnerable when flying off the main platform during his boulder drop phase (he now blasts fireballs with every fist pound) kills with beartraps now award XP XP now divides among players who are within line of sight of each other fixed NPC allies not giving XP to leaders on downing a named monster extra food spawns as player count increases fixed some text input bugs arrow and magic traps can now be destroyed with pickaxes/spells modding: creature limb offsets now user-modifiable via limbs.txt files added /god, /buddha, and /friendly cheatcodes fixed game crash when touching burning object that is not an NPC /restart command (which isn't valid anyway) no longer causes black screen /summon now spawns monster directly ahead of the player modding: color index 0 now valid for voxel models critical startup error now produces an error message box all weapons now use HD-model variants multiplayer games with incompatible saves no longer possible game frame rate now fixed to 60 fps fixed fps counter not reading correctly on Mac/Linux fixed amulet of life saving not reviving burnt players unresponsive players now auto-kicked from game added /kick command added chat log to multiplayer lobby fixed magicstaff item stacks degrading all at once when used fixed occasional crash while screenshotting improved AI: intelligent creatures now strafe at range improved AI: creatures with ranged weapons keep their distance improved AI: many creatures will now retreat when wounded chests now destructible added running water animation to sinks shields now held at an angle on most creatures removed mysterious Herx endgame speech (detracted from feeling of victory) modified herx endgame text slightly to accomodate missing speech added numerous new human hero characters and special monsters added monster gangs (monsters with their own followers) added five new server flags: minotaurs, hunger, traps, friendly fire, cheats added weapon and shield switching animations fixed shopkeepers occasionally selling broken "spell" items fixed boss trigger activating when not all players are within the arena added player and ally obituary messages nerfed throwing items (reduced fire rate) fixed monsters getting stuck on door frames rebalanced offensive spells rebalanced class loadouts cleric now starts with three summoning scrolls ally NPCs now follow you between levels fixed rare crash while generating dungeons fixed inventory space exploit fixed monster pathfinding occasionally crashing the game fixed FMOD using wrong sound output device on some systems fixed savegame bug occasionally crashing clients fixed game crashing when outdated savegame data is present optimized item physics somewhat hell now uses portals instead of ladders cheating in Sokoban now punishes unwary players shield of magic resistance now reflects when blocking shields now take damage far less frequently when blocking minetown now only available half the time, gnomish mines always available added new bow drawing animation and sounds switches now passable rebalanced ranged weapons sling item replaced with slingshot amulet of water breathing renamed to amulet of olympic swimming injured monsters run away to a random location when they lose sight of their target added hue-shifted creatures (signifies ally status) fixed stacks of >9 items in the hotbar from overflowing the item count into the next hotbar slot fixed poisoned arrows poisoning even when damage is 0 optimized monster pathfinding significantly demons now see better in darkness added iron bracers campfires now passable, don't disappear completely when extinguished weighted monsters now move faster swamp levels now have significantly more water than before rebalanced herx fight slightly added several additional human races fixed clients occasionally being left behind on past levels fixed clients occasionally failing to load new levels added colorblind mode fixed some graphical lines and circles being invisible on certain video cards fixed hell-sky clipping world objects fixed hell-sky edges being visible in certain level locations removed MAXFACES limit on voxel models fixed game crash when loading non-32-bit images added colored log messages fixed many spells not being able to destroy doors and other furniture shopkeepers now hold grudges against players leadership now requires only 4 points instead of 20 for an additional follower added a restart game button to multiplayer pause menu minotaurs can now levitate over water and open pits elaborated game loading messages light spell now consumes mana at 25% the previous rate monster death by fire or poison now rewards XP fixed level exits spawning across open pits fixed NPCs occasionally getting stuck on furniture raised default FOV to 65 added option to disable pop-up messages fixed boulders being blocked by open gates fixed some random memory leaks fixed several additional random crashes

Known issues:

certain systems display chronic crashing behavior: we're doing our best to fix this! friends-only lobbies cannot be found by friends searching for lobbies. Invite them manually instead or set the lobby to public so they can find it themselves host direct-ip and join direct-ip options not accessible via mouse - use keyboard instead steam multiplayer somewhat resource intensive compared to direct-IP multiplayer linux version may fail on startup; quick fix is available on discussion board

Additional News

After deliberating over some user feedback over the past several months, we've decided that due to the added value the Cursed Edition of Barony brings to the game, we will raise the game's price to 9.99 USD from the previous 6.99 USD on March 1st. This decision wasn't made lightly, which is why we plan the next two weeks to act as a grace period between now and the point in time when we actually raise the price. So if you or someone you know is still deliberating on whether or not you want to buy the game, now is definitely the time to do it!

That's all for now... we hope you enjoy the Cursed Edition of Barony as much as we enjoyed making it.

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Console Commands - Official Barotrauma Wiki

The console is a debugging window usable to alter content while in-game; it can be opened or closed by pressing F3. While its main use is to get around bugs, it can also be used to cheat or set up interesting situations.

In multiplayer, only the person hosting the game can use the console.

The console only recognize specific inputs called console commands, which are listed hereafter. Note that the console is not case-sensitive: it doesn't matter if any letter (or all, or any) is in uppercase.

Command Description
control [name] Assume control of a character/creature. The name must be the same as the name of the folder where the characters configuration file is located ("human"/"tigerthresher"/"moloch" etc). Some creatures can attack by pressing the R key. Additionally, the Husk has a fully usable inventory and can interact with the Submarine as if it were a player.
debugdraw Toggles the "debug draw" mode.
disablecrewai Deactivates the crew AI in single player, making the crew inactive unless directly controlled. See "enablecrewai".
editmap, edit Switches to map editing mode.
enablecrewai Activates or reactivates the crew AI in single player. See "disablecrewai".
editwater, water Allows adding water into rooms or removing it by holding the left or right mouse buttons.
fixitems Sets the condition of all items in the map to 100.0.
fixwalls Fixes all damaged or broken walls.
fire Allows creation of fires by left clicking.
freecamera, freecam Stops the camera from being locked to the controlled character and allows it to be moved freely.
gamescreen, game Switches to the game screen.
heal Fully restores the specified character (or the controlled character if none is specified) to full health.
kick [name] Kicks a player with the specified name from the server (can only by used by the admin of a server).
killcreatures Instantly kills all creatures in the map.
lightingenabled, lights, light Toggles lighting effects on/off.
loadmap [name] Loads the specified map.
losenabled, los Toggles the line of sight effect on/off. This can be used to reduce lag.
mainmenu, menu Switches to main menu.
oxygen Replenishes oxygen in all rooms to 100.0.
revive [name] Resurrect the specified character (or the controlled character if none is specified), bringing them back from the dead.
savemap [name] Saves the map that is currently loaded with the specified filename.
spawnitem [itemname] [cursor/inventory] Spawns an item at either the cursor or the inventory, or at a random spawnpoint if parameter 2 is blank.
spawn [creaturename] [near/inside/outside] Spawns a character/creature near, inside or outside the sub (or at a random spawnpoint if parameter 2 is blank). The name must be the same as the name of the folder where the characters configuration file is located ("human"/"tigerthresher"/"moloch" etc).
teleport [charactername] Teleports the specified character (or the currently controlled character if parameter 1 is blank) to the position of the cursor.

: Kerbal Space Program - DarkMultiPlayer

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Version 0.90.0 marks the transition from alpha to beta development of the game and will introduce the final major components to career mode. This then is the version that makes the game scope complete: every major feature that the game was designed to incorporate now exists and from here on, development will shift focus from implementating new systems to improving the existing ones, adding content, polish, balancing and bug fixing.

The update contains many new features and updates to previously existing systems which combined make for quite likely the largest update in the games three year history. Here are the highlights:

Upgradable Facilities In career mode the Kerbal Space Center will advance with your space program. Start out with small buildings and limited functionality and build up your facilities into a state of the art space center with capabilities to launch and manage every mission youve ever dreamt of doing. Each building such as the Astronaut Training Complex, Vehicle Assembly Building and Tracking Station can be upgraded separately (and destroyed and repaired too), unlocking new and exciting capabilities and bonuses to your space program. Choose where you spend your money wisely: constructing buildings is most certainly not cheap.

Kerbal Experience and Skills Your Kerbals now have specific skillsets they will develop as they gain experience: Choosing from your available applicants now mean deciding between pilots, scientists and engineers, each adding abilities specific to their skill, and unlocking further abilities as they earn experience by going on missions in outer space. Pilots are able to take over control of your spacecrafts orientation to provide stability control during flight; Scientists are better at collecting and analyzing experiment data, so their science skills give bonuses to science collection, data transmission, and lab processing; and an experienced engineer can repair specific parts of your craft which may just save your mission.

Editor Overhaul Ship Construction has been almost entirely rebuilt from the ground up. The Parts list now allows you tolook up parts not only by function (category), but also by resource, module type, tech level and much more. In case you want to add your own custom categories, thats possible as well, you can set up lists of your favorite parts and organize your subassemblies into subfolders. As if that wasnt enough theres also the option to sort the filtered parts by mass, cost, size and name.

Also new in the Construction Facilites are the Gizmos which will allow you to Offset and Rotate parts, giving you complete control over how they are placed. The functionality to set a new root part for your craft has also been added, so you dont have to rebuild your entire craft if you decide the root part should be somewhere else.

Other than these, we've also added many other improvements and new features: Symmetry can be toggled between Mirror and Radial modes, in both editors; Crew assignment is now fully persistent as you build; A new Stats toolbar panel lets you see your craft's total mass, part count and size; the list goes on.

Mk3 parts After the major overhaul on Mk2 spaceplane parts in version 0.25 there is now a lot more to choose from when it comes to the Mk3 spaceplane parts: the old Mk3 parts have given way to a total of 15 all-new parts of unprecedented size, capable of carrying truly enormous payloads. Really. You can fit an orange Jumbo-64 fuel tank inside those cargo bays!

More contracts Kerbal Space Program version 0.90.0 also brings the Fine Print mod by Arsonide into the game. This addition brings a whole new array of contract types to the table for you to choose from, adding depth and diversity to the contracts system. Survey areas, deploy satellites in precise orbits, capture asteroids, construct orbital space stations and build bases on planets or moons. This isn't a simple mod addition however. Fine Print author Arsonide has worked with us to tweak the mod into the stock game seamlessly. Its all included and should provide any player with a challenge suited to their skill level and interests.

More biomes The biomes system has seen a major overhaul for the first beta release of Kerbal Space Program. With help from KSP enthusiast and streamer Tanuki Chau every planet and moon in the game now has new biomes players can go out and explore. From the canyons of Dres to the peaks on Pol, the game now counts over 100 unique biomes. Each of these places represents another location where your Kerbals can gather, analyse, recover and send data from.

:1. .2. .3. DMPServer.exe4. !

Barotrauma - Official Barotrauma Wiki

Barotrauma is a 2D multiplayer resource management game currently in development by Undertow Games. The game was released for free as a pre-alpha version on July 31st, 2015, with a full commercial release said to be coming out around 2016-17. The game's source code can be found on GitHub.

After the success of Joonas ("Regalis") Rikkonen's SCP - Containment Breach, he was encouraged to begin pursuing a career in game design and to start his own company, Undertow Games.[1] He would later begin working on an entirely new game which deviated greatly from his previous works.

Barotrauma draws inspiration from several different sources. The resource management aspects of the game were inspired by Space Station 13, and may have intentionally given Regalis the idea to make the game two dimensional rather than 3D.

The horror aspects and underwater setting of the game were inspired by Pressure. Pressure is a game concept that originated from 4chan's video game board /v/. The game woud've taken place in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean inside a research lab. The lab is then attacked by underwater sea creatures and it is then up to the player to try and escape the lab.[2] Several developers have attempted to make an actual game based on the concept, but so far none of them have been completed. The idea of having lovecraftian monsters be the main threat in the game most likely also inspired the enemies in Barotrauma as well.[3]

The game's art style is said to be inspired by Link-Dead, a 2D side-scrolling shooter which had also been in development for a while before being presumed dead.[4]

The game's wiring mechanic was inspired by Minecraft's redstone mechanics and MechComp in Space Station 13.[3]

Barotrauma's time period takes place several hundred years in a future, during an era where humanity is technologically advanced enough to achieve manned interplanetary space travel.

The setting of the game is on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, which has become colonized during the space age. Due to the surface of the planet being too irradiated for survival, colonies and outposts have been established under the layer of ice which covers the surface of the moon. Beneath the ice layer is a vast ocean used as a transport network between colonies and as a source for natural resources. The ocean also allowed for the creation of transportation shafts which interconnect the colonies throughout the moon.

The ocean itself is inhabited by a number of aquatic creatures, as well as natural forming cave systems.

Controls[edit | edit source]

This is a list of the default controls. The keys can be customized in the options menu.

Movement WASD
Sprint L-SHIFT
Activate, deactivate or pick up an item. E
Aim Equipped Item MOUSE2Right-Click
Use Equipped Item MOUSE1Left-Click
F3Fn+F3 Open the console.

Objective[edit | edit source]

See also: Maintenance

The primary goal in the Quest Mode of Barotrauma's game types, is to maintain and build a submarine. This is done by hiring and controlling all of the crew members individually. Each crew member can be given a specific job; the job chosen affects which skills the character excels at and performs badly in, although the actual percentage is randomized within a set range.

In addition, Barotrauma also has what is arguably the antagonists of the game, aquatic-based creatures which are capable of damaging your submarine and killing your crew, both intentionally and by consequence of damaging the ship. The secondary objective can be considered defending the submarine from these creatures and repairing damage by them before your ship sinks.

The game also features other game modes, with different goals or styles.

GUI[edit | edit source]

Inventory[edit | edit source]

The inventory consists of 16 slots. Six slots are for equipped items, as indicated by the icons displayed on them; one slot for head, torso, legs, face and both hands. The other ten slots are for any unequipped items.

Items can be equipped by dragging them into an appropriate highlighted slot on the left. The three slots overlay over the figure's body represent the head, torso and legs. The two hand slots represent the left and right hands of that character. Some items can take up multiple slots due to their size: the railgun shells, for example, require both hand slots to carry, and the diving suit takes up the head, torso and leg slots.

Shop[edit | edit source]

One prominent feature in Barotrauma's Mission Mode is the inclusion of an in-game shop. This allows the player to purchase items, ammunition, electrical components, new crew members and certain installations. The supplies are purchased using credits, which are a form of currency that is rewarded to the player after successfully completing a task in quest mode.

Wiring Interface[edit | edit source]
See also: Wiring

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